Perfect is not all it is cracked up to be

I want to share this story. I don’t know who wrote it, but it is amazingly true.  And I thank @addictivedau for sharing. Life is about living and learning and loving yourself just the way you are. And removing the negative. Reminds me of the saying in the movie  Tin Cup… perfection is unattainable .  Well said.

Push the button. Best button I ever pushed. I found myself again.

Sometimes It’s Hard, But Then Happy Happens

It’s been 5 years of clean and happy.  Sometimes it’s hard.  But not the bulimia.  The way I look at myself.  I know I look “good” for “my age”, but I also know I could do better.  I know if I worked out a little more I could lose my tummy or some of it and maybe some of my boobs.  But then look at myself and say ‘are you kidding me???’ I am turning 53 years old.  I realize sometimes I am hard on myself because I remember when I was fit and young and really prettier than I realized I was now looking back on pictures.  So tonight I looked at myself and said “really LaurieAnn?  Really? You are seriously not happy with what you have tonight?”  And why I quote this is because for the most part during any one day I don’t even think about my body.  I just think about my customers and my smile to them to make them feel better on that one day.  But alone and dancing like no one is looking, sometimes a mirror shoots a reflection back at me…. and it’s actually funny.  I think “hey you are nice front and back but don’t stand sideways.”


Awesome day

I have a belly.  Like SO WHAT?? perfection.  It’s not about my bulimia anymore it’s about making myself someone I know I can be WITHOUT the bulimia.  I don’t miss bulimia at all.  But I do miss my working out and feeling refreshed being fit.  But I know that will come.  Now having said that, had picture taking  and I felt great looking at it.  Great feeling to feel that way.  Probably why I said when at work I never even think of what I look like.

Oh and too I think I mentioned this before… I promised myself I didn’t want be overweight like my mother at my age and I wanted stability in eating.  I have that.   Now I just would like a bit more of working my muscles because there is something I do know… working out with weights has not age limit.  And muscles have memory so I can wake mine up again. 🙂 Having said this though??? I still love that I can hug my mother and that she loves food and loves life.  So going backwards… why do I NOT want to be like her?  Because I am me. 🙂

Recovered bulimic… never going back… too happy where I am.  So I will take my little tummy.  🙂


Pink Is Awesome

Pink stands up for being beautiful.

Her songs inspire me.  She has the wisdom of beauty.  There should be no judging on her…. for her songs are all about not judging.  That she should she should even have to speak up against the public who cannot see her beauty in all that she wears and all that she is and all that she represents is sad.  I am proud she did, but it should not have been required.  Pink … Pink as she is reflects the world of pink.  Pink represents support.  She stood up and did that.  Pink doesn’t just stand up for being beautiful, she stands up for everything that is beautiful, and everything we have to fight against.  And what I love is her “pink” is also a symbol of the fight against cancer.  I believe she should be our advocate, and then even more so, the one that goes up and becomes President of the United States.  Would love to see Pink as the first female President.  She would be the most impressive, real, believable President of all.  And if I were a U.S. citizen? I would vote for her!!! Brilliant woman.

And to AlessiaFran, I hope you don’t mind I posted this beautiful rendition of Pink.  I just found it to be the most powerful of the message I was trying to convey.  Beautiful work!! And would be a GREAT poster for Pink when she goes up against Hillary for Presidency. 🙂

Beautiful and Perfect!!!


Interesting Things You Find From Blogs Two Years Ago! Survey Results.

Two years ago I posted a survey.  It was called “Where you go when you’re gone“.  I just noticed 12 people responded to this.  Interesting results, because the one that had no votes, was the one I would have thought would!  Here are the results of the 12 responders:


If you want to participate, just hit the link above that is in quotations.  I will post again the results if I get more people that respond. 🙂

New Year’s Resolutions — Rough Draft | holdingtheowl

New Year’s Resolutions — Rough Draft | holdingtheowl.

My response to this:  Dear HoldingTheOwl. I hope you reconsider. You are setting yourself up for failure with such stringent rules. I wish I could reach out and help you and hold you and tell you that if your boyfriend loves you the way you are that is where you start. You need to change your lifestyle, not put undo pressures. If you starve your body it will retaliate. If you ever want to connect personally with someone who fought bulimia for 30 years and now okay and able to deal with much without it, my email is I’d rather see you succeed reaching your goal of 135 lbs in the right way. With what you are talking about, you will only cannibalize your body. It will eat your muscle before your fat. And remember when you try to reach perfection you will never be whole. The hole will remain. Jane Fonda said something to that effect and she is right.