Don’t Mess With Me!

I love my animals. They remind me that unconditional love exists and that they love me for three reasons. I love them, I care for them and I feed and water them. So simple and they are so loyal. This is not simply with furries… this too with any tiny creature.

Fish are very much with personality too. I am sad to say Esmi passed away a week ago. This is my new baby Esmi II.  He filled the tank with life after Esmi passed. 

I felt horrible.  I think I overfed Esmi … tried too hard. He was 5 years old and I didn’t realize, albeit tough fish they are, they do age too. And as my daughter said… it was her fish dog I adopted.. “Mom, you know it is never healthy to over feed any creature”. True. Human or not.

Strangely enough I connected with the mother syndrome. My mother fed us out of love and I do same to all around me. Since now 6 years bulimic free I think I am realizing more and more a pattern. I eat healthy but still tend to want to feed myself sometimes and too others to show love and caring.

My daughter sent me a message. Sometimes just love without the excess food is all any creature or human needs.. and it’s healthier.

Love my daughter.. insightful…

Do You See What Is Odd About This Cat?


Probably not. This is my Agent Orange. He is a polydactyl cat. No one really notices that he is different because he is a cat. Animal lovers will just see him as a cute and smart kitty. No judgement.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all look at people that way?

Agent Orange has a mutation that Hemingway found fascinating. He had a home designated to polydactyls. They have extra toes.

What a world it would be, like with polydactyls and when Ruben painted women with voluptuous bodies, that the extra was special.