Ready for a New Relationship in 2019??

I got it.  I realised that after taking a coaching course, and wondering how I could help people with eating disorders,  I got it.

So are you ready for 2019?  And creating a new relationship?  With food.

Yes… I mean that.  A new relationship with food, that will change your life.  It will completely change your life and help you recover from either bulimia, or being overweight, or may even stop not wanting to eat as it is with anorexia.

If you are interested in finding a new way of looking at a relationship with food, contact me.  I can coach you through 6 weeks for free.  If you like my process, then there will be a fee of $300 per month, which will include, as per this first offer, 1 one on 1 session via skype or zoom to chat, 24/7 text – 24/7 scheduled meeting request (only because I do have to sleep).

I am 100% engaged on teaching you how to have a new relationship with food and never diet again in you life.  Never throw up again.  Never starve again.

Contact me.  I know this.  It took me 30  years to figure it out.  IT IS DOABLE!!



Food Relationship Coaching

6 Weeks Free! When you sign up before January 23rd, 2019











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