New Beginnings and New Look To Site!

I’ve finally managed to transfer my site over to a new service provider.  I had no problem with the last one, but this one has allowed me 5 websites with more power for the fraction of what I was paying for them individually.  It’s always fun to save money, even if you have to put the large payment upfront… but now I’m three years of not having to pay and have fun with new features!

I have been so happy.  Never happier!  I’ve finalized my PRISM Life Design Coaching Program and am focusing on people with eating disorders, along with start up businesses, which I have coached for years.  This program has opened my eyes to so many aspects of coaching and however intense it was, I also made some great friends through the other colleagues who graduated.

I’m also working on getting my Veterinarian Technician Certification.  That is a two year program.  At the end of that I would like to coach pet owners.  My passion has always been animals.  I likely can do this now, but I am learning more in depth information about animal behaviour which will definitely benefit me when working with my clients.

This all works well with my Certification as a Handwriting Analyst and Grapho-Therapist.  If anyone is interested, please contact me.  You can visit my site too at

Here’s to new beginnings!!

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