Recently, as I mentioned in my last post, I have been trained to be a P.R.I.S.M Life Design Coach and also completed my first level NLP Practioner Certification course.  One of the interesting parts of this course was that of anchoring.  This is where you bring yourself to a great feeling, and at the climax of the feeling, you associate it with a gesture, or a movement.  Mine is, like my professor taught me, is to press my thumb on my knuckle.

I am blessed to also be working as a partner with a lady who also knows about anchoring and has helped me find those “happy thoughts” which I associate now with pressing on my knuckle.  These can also be stacked.

This is a great way for people with eating disorders to move their thoughts away from food, or from bulimia, by changing your state.

My coaching sessions, by the way, can be provided virtually.  You can visit for more information. 🙂


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