Just because you are bullied… don’t bully back!

I remember when I was younger walking down the aisle of my Junior High School.  One girl named Cheryl would stand being Debbie and let me tell you! They scared the Hell out of me.  Cheryl was not a person you would want to contend with.  Debbie was about a foot shorter, and she was someone that you SERIOUSLY did not want to contend with.  Cheryl, I believe, was Debbie’s increased percentage of intimidation and ability to continue, what we call today, as bullying.  I’m not sure, you be the judge.  My mom would not let me wear jeans like all the other kids.  I wore clothes mom made.  Nice clothes.  I liked them.  But they were not anything like all the other kids wore.

In as such, I was threatened to be beaten up for being a fairy.

In hindsight, which we all know is known to be 20/20, I should have taken that as a compliment.  I do now, but again 20/20.  I wish had a better witt back then.  I would have asked “who, in any right mind, would want to beat up a fairy???”

Today I can laugh about those two years of Junior High going through this every day.  And I can smile more so remembering when the Vice Principle, upon my graduation, said he would miss me walking the halls always so beautifully dressed.

Reality check!! Looking back on that I believed him but as I got older, I thought it may have been a ploy to deviate my frustration and make me feel good.  It worked.

I never bullied back.  I think I am the opposite.  Having been bullied, so to speak, I feel solace in hidding.

Lately I reconnected with my beautiful daughter.

Why does this match with this email?  because she too was bullied about her weight as a child and never externatalized it to me.  So much we miss when we are so focussed on the bully rather then people we love and care for, particular our self.