3 Months and Stepping Over A Threshold

Three months I have been without wine. I journalled about how I felt about that. Wine was my friend. But it wasn’t a friend that was a good influence. It was one to come home to but it was causing me to be apathetic about so many things. I let it go. I have moved on but with this moving on is the clearer awareness of solitude and searching for that who I truly am. A combination of me as a child and the me that is now with all that I went through.

Part of that realization came to me last week when I saw and spoke to my ex for the first time since the divorce about nothing more than just life in general. I had a strange sensation, as though the 15 years just past disappeared and I walked through a new door. A new beginning. A new and fresh start with a clean slate.

I updated my websites today and felt a new inspiration to complete what I so have wanted to in years. There are no excuses. I have the time. I now realize I have no excuse not to be able to devote myself at least part of my day to what I love. My cartoon character of 35 years and my courses for the next stage of my life.

A new chapter has begun.

2 thoughts on “3 Months and Stepping Over A Threshold

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