I was supposed to go to Las Vegas for my birthday in September. Everything was planned since February. I cancelled. I cancelled because of several reasons.

First off Daddy had a major stroke in July and has been healing but I needed to be with him and Mommy. Yes I am in my 50’s but they will always be mommy and daddy to me , like me their daughter who still is loved as their young child.

I also was blessed with my daughter moving in with me temporarily before she moves out West. She offered to care for my pets so all would have been fine, except for that I realized it wasn’t. 

I needed to know I could be with my parents and daughter on my birthday. I needed to be around those who loved me. And I realized life is precious.

I love my parents. I am more than thankful my daughter and I rekindling our relationship after 9 years. And I believe that my feeling of peace for cancelling speaks volumes.

I recently marathon watched Drop Dead Diva and in the series it is clear.  Live every day for the moment. Some believe I was crazy for cancelling Vegas. But for me it was living every moment I can with the ones I love.

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