I love compasses.  When I was a child I learned how to use one. My most treasured possession is my grandfather’s compass that he gave me.  It was a time when everyone cool got on the cross country ski team.  I was forced as end person on the snow shoe team.  Best ever kick out I ever had.  Although perceived as a geek because I was thrown into the snow country on shoes I got to love country and terrain in the true sport of it all, not to mention survival.  Instead of them making me a geek and making fun of me, I made myself a survivor.  Today I love being the geek and all of the others not truly understanding simplicity of self acceptance and just simplicity of living.  My compass points simple.  First to self, and then north south east and west to the ones I love.  It isn’t that I didn’t fall pray to the expectations of non geek … but I’m back! Survival and all… and without the baggage of those that judge.

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