I’ve Got Everything I Need And Nothing That I Don’t

It wasn’t like this in my life always… but in this song now it is.  Although I don’t have a good looking man around me, I do have everything I need and nothing that I don’t… wait … maybe still some things I don’t need.. but those are things I will in time dispose of.  But I shedded from more square footage than most would dream… 7,000 sq. ft  to 450 square feet… with every thing I need and nothing I don’t.  Home grown. Home. Releasing is everything.  Letting go.  And finding.. who you are.  This after releasing takes time.  Healing takes time.  But being able to talk now to my parents about my experience about bulimia now openly is so freeing.  So… there are two songs here that I want to share.  Enjoy!! Dance and sing and know… less is best.. and believe in yourself. I am homegrown and love my parents for that!  Easy?  No… worth it?  YES!!

I’ve Got Everything I Need And Nothing That I Don’t

Feel so good song!!!

Chicken Fried

ENJOY… to simple life and loving getting older and learning how to feel younger.  To young ones out there.. hope you learn to be opposite to me!  But regardless there are no regrets.  My precious lesson was to realize?  I can be as young as I want and as beautiful as long as it starts in humour, love for me and great surroundings… POSITIVE!! 🙂  And most of all thank God for all His support and answers to my prayers. 🙂

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