You Are Special! Yes You! The One Reading This!

One of the most beautiful FB pictures I have seen in a long time.  And I get responses simply by posting it and with a line “you know who you are”.  With this anyone of my couple of handful of friends will respond.  Already really special ones have.  Here on this site I say this to you too.  You are special.  And my followers and visitors mean the world to me.  I am so okay in my skin coming from 30 years of bulimia.  I can’t explain it, but this picture may be the most important one in my life.  I stopped numbing myself through bulimia and started living and opening up to feelings I buried in my eating disorder.  I didn’t want to feel anything and eating and throwing my emotions seemed pretty simple.  But now I have to live all the emotions.  And my best alive feeling is this.. My ones who respond to this.  If you are one feel welcome.

I did also get a most wonderful message today from my angel colleague.  I was left alone at work and I greeted all my customers without back up.  It was great because I love my customers, but when I get hungry… it’s like the Snicker’s bar commercials.  I am not myself.  I need food!  Oh my goodness after being left alone at lunch time I was holding a stick and looking for pinatas, but the one I wanted to hit left!! LOL But my colleague said I was impressive in my holding back and being so caring to the customers even if I was feeling tension inside.  That meant the world to me.  She is my angel, one that responded, because I know she knows she is one of the ones I sent this out to.  My foundations in life are honest and trustworthy friends and family.  I am actually lucky.  I have two hand fulls.  Most just make friends and don’t have that foundation of true ones.  I love being bulimic free and being able to connect now to the ones I love in my heart.  It’s not marred with the disease anymore. 🙂  But with it does come the need to deal with emotions.  Laughter is the first place to start. 🙂


Okay so I am all over the board. but see these two pics and if anyone out there I have made friends with, with these crazy posts, just please like and I will be so grateful.  I hope I help.  52 and so happy to be all okay with my body and loving not worrying about having a date with John. LOL  Unless it’s absolutely necessary based on God’s rules.  🙂  Which usually comes out of the other end.  Exit only.

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