Well I guess it’s all about letting it ride.  I don’t want to share what my daughter called about but she called.  I got down on my knees and thanked God for answering my prayers…. it was all I wanted.  Numbing my feelings were obviously not what He wanted me to hear.

I Miss You

She is so like me at that age.  21.  I told her bulimia got me through.  In earlier posts I wrote about how one of my psychiatrists told me it probably saved my life through my depression.  It also made my life a living hell, but one that most around me didn’t see.  My daughter’s struggles are more open to everyone close to her.

What is the better evil?  Deadly silence or open admission of the frustrations of life…. But all I can say is… my daughter called me tonight after two nights ago choosing to make me a “text mom”.  Tonight I heard her voice.

Thank you God!!

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