Sometimes I Wish I Was This

A combination of all beauty.   Butterfly, Unicorn, and colours… and yet, I am this. Grounded by the reality that I do not fly and don’t have a beautiful stance or corn like that of the Unicorn, or the wings of a butterfly.  But I can always believe!! 🙂 As simple as I am. I can make it happen to believe. 🙂  Because a rainbow always brings a smile… and this picture sure made me believe all the more. 🙂  Heck with a simple butterfly!! spruced up!! 🙂  Kind of reminds me of what I feel like now that I let go of my bulimia. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Sometimes I Wish I Was This

  1. silje gundersen says:

    Hi. How do you do ? I like your article about butterfly , I coming from Oslo Norway and I am 46 years old lady .My name is Silje Gundersen I was having this problem like you for 6 years and now is better. My age is 48 years old . If you like to have new friend from Europe It will be good to exchange views.

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