Three Beautiful Flowers Preserved


These may only seem to anyone as three roses and baby breath being preserved. To me the are a memory of my three children taking me out on mother’s day this year. It’s weird. Why would I, a woman who was bulimic for thirty years deserve such wonder? Or is this my message that each of them have and keep yelling at me to say screw this world and focus. I’m actually doing this, but some days I slide. Not in bulimia. Other ways that I chose not to share at this time. Suffice it to say I fear my children judge me as their father did. Not good enough, and I hold that fear too with my parents and employers. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

I want to thank my readers. You make me feel like I’m good enough and I know my children have shared their fear too lately of feeling that way and come to me about it. But my fear is fighting this am I the person they should discuss this with?

Hummm… Absolutely.. I may be.

In all this there is one person I will miss. My ex’s daughter. My best friend. She went home today. She is a rose missing on the three but maybe the baby breath is what my daughter added to reflect her.

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