I don’t know where to begin. All the things that I hate came out tonight by some evil devil who brought up my past pains of the previous relationships I had. The one who is jealous but claims to be protective and one of two only men I loved. Strangely enough both controlling but in same/different ways….

I’ve had enough. Seriously enough to last a lifetime. At one point here I wrote “ate” instead of hate and had to edit. Hummm…. the two somewhat related? I’m clean of bulimia but interestingly learning more about my Freudian slips. Ate hate. Ate lots of anger, ate lots of emotion. Now I just yell them out. 🙂 Not pretty but beats the bulimia 😉 here is to taking control. I, now with normal people unlike my ex, SPEAK it out and owning my life. Followers? I heard and listened. Control people around you need to know you will not be controlled and that is a choice! Freedom. A choice.

Severe anxiety sucks until you learn the biggest lesson. Don’t let the Goliath beat David. I think I am finally figuring this lesson and all the calmer in knowing the ending.

Don’t let people bully you, and if they start just put your fingers in your ears and humm your favorite thoughts or song. They will think you are crazy enough to leave you alone. 😉

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