Technology sucks. Sucks human interaction out sometimes…

Awwwww. The joys of trying to interact with the techno addicted youth. Tried to watch a movie one night and then another just chat but the cellphones were on and chatting with others made for not hearing questions trying to interact on a more mundane boring level. Person to person.

Who am I kidding. At one time it was me with my food. I didn’t have a cellphone to hold onto and stare at for hours on end hoping someone will answer. I just had food there all the time to fill that empty void.

What are our children looking for on that phone? What I was looking for in food? To fill that empty spot? I know about my bulimia. Our kids don’t yet know about their addiction to their phones.

Difference though, they can live without their phone. We can’t live without food. So addiction is harder to let go of. Ours. We need food to survive. They don’t need their phones to survive. So those of us who have let go of our eating disorders are stronger. Because it is the harder addiction to let go of. They can survive without a phone we can’t survive without food. So which one would be harder to give up?

I had this argument too many times. Let them text while you are talking to them. Let them ignore you, funny. Daughter said exactly what she threw in my face. Enjoy this time. Yet she and other daughter didn’t understand her words. Keep texting because when you do that around me I don’t exist and you may as well not be here because it’s a stupid interaction.

At least with my food I could hear you and be with you totally while I was feeling that comfort. Even if I did throw it up after the bonding. Your cellphones I sometimes think and your snap chats in the middle of a conversation are more insulting.

Thank God my dogs have not learned how to be tech savvy yet! lol. My only grounding in true world life. 🙂

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  1. It really is a tech world. We were at a party last night, where the kids in there were all on their phones, needless to say i was a little too, but not glued to it.

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