What would this movie be like if written for the young women of today? Never mind I wish there were one written for me when I was 18 thirty two years ago when the value of a young lady was based on how skinny she was not how smart. Think about it. This movie could be all the messages in a twisted world of not being a homemaker and wanting to be married, but of one where you had to balance mom, work, cook, wife, slim sex partner on demand! I am not sure the demands of an 18 year old today, but my life was filled with expectations until I realized it was not mine that mattered anymore, but everyone else’s. Where and when will we find the balance?

Sadly mine came with a divorce, a bout of depression, counseling, losses unheard of financially, emotionally and physically before I found that balance, which even now teeters, but at least it’s a mild teeter.

This movie is a must see and one I saw alone on the first Christmas I woke up without my children on Christmas morning. He had them. He called the shots. I felt empty. I have since learned to know the feeling of a Christmas morning alone, but that one was devastating, yet this movie was a ‘soulage’ as they would say in French (google the word if you don’t know it, but even in English it doesn’t sound the same to the heart.).

But in the end, here I am…. Mona Lisa Smiling. πŸ™‚

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