I remember when my daughter was sick when she was six. She couldn’t eat for two weeks. I was beyond myself. But my daughter had some fat on her. No she was not fat, but she wasn’t tiny either. I thanked God for that. Due to her healthy weight she didn’t have to be hospitalized.

This made me think the other day. I told my surrogate daughter that I know I need some extra pounds that the magazines say I should have shouldn’t – if I get ill. If I were to be what I was during my bulimic days if I got sick my odds of surviving would likely be less than today.

What would happen to those young ladies who choose to starve or throw up should a revolution occur and food became scarce? Those with some, and I’m not talking obesity, but healthy fat and weight to survive the days of searching for food, would likely be able to make it through without emergency care.

Like my daughter did.

Just a thought.

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  1. Great post! I am forever trying to get rid of all my body fat. I would never survive the zombie apocalypse if food was scarce! Just at lunch today we were talking about how having extra fat on your body in times of a famine could keep your baby alive or not if you were too lean and how fat in some countries is a sign of health and wealth and makes a woman more desirable. (I’m from Africa…) Very interesting. Keep up the good work.

    1. I love the countries and the cultures that embrace women who are true to themselves. I understand there is a line in regards to health when it comes to obesity, but one that is not crossing that line should celebrate her body. I am learning to do this every day and feeling more and more beautiful as I tell myself “you are beautiful inside and out” and so too having very supportive friends who are my age and my saying to myself “baby, the boobs will drop, the pooch with drop, but keep your head up high and stay young at heart… because the heart doesn’t drop. It’s inside safe from gravity. Just keep it filled with laughter and happiness and all will be okay”. 🙂

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