I Miss You


My nephew passed away five years ago on June 16th. Cancer. He so wanted to live to see his two sons grow up. Unfortunately fate did not allow this to happen. What little we understand of death until it faces us eye to eye. Eating disorders are a choice towards destruction. Cancer is not a choice. My sweet nephew thank you for opening up my eyes to how fortunate I have been. Life is so unfair. But I want you to know I’m taking care of myself best I can and better everyday, with my first big step being two and a half years free of bulimia. I had the choice to let it go. You didn’t. I miss you.

A Bug That Reminds Me of Me


It’s not often you see something in nature that is something you have never seen and reminds you of who you are. This dragon fly did. Maybe because I feel like the odd one, the ‘black sheep’ of the family who does not really belong. I still don’t feel like I belong. I never did. Not out there. But I do in my own place and with my animals and what surrounds me inside. I still feel when I’m out there I just don’t. I can’t seem to integrate no matter how much I want to. One friend I’ve known since 11 yes. My friend I met in 2010 yes. My children getting there. Otherwise no. But here on this posting I do. Those black wings are not black within me but turn into rainbow colors. But the freedom of flying is always in my soul. It is what I love about myself. I am always learning about new things by flying around from here to there. Others may only see the black wing. But I see the rainbow ones. 🙂

Music Is My Life


I know the remembery of a time of any song played. The emotions I felt, where I lived, those close to me during the sound of the beat, the words that were and are sung, music. If I were a teacher I would teach through music with words all that needed to be taught. Because we remember lyrics to music so easily. Maybe even so I would create a ballot that would have all of us sing to who we are, not what we are! And a smile will come upon all our faces knowing… That we can thank music for being there, not when no one else was, but when every one is, be it in mind, body or soul. 😉