Love And Life And Frienship And Past

I’m sitting here listening to my neighbours fight. It isn’t pleasant but knowing my little world is not involved makes it more appealing and peaceful to me. It is not uncommon for this to happen, but I deal with it. I deal with a lot in my small world. What I am proud of is that at one time in my life this would have triggered an attack of bulimia. Now I write and it gets me through it all.

Heavy sigh. It is a strange world out there. In here in my small world it’s just me and my animals and even with the fighting next door I feel safe. I am alone. I am me. I am who I am. I remain strong. And with everyday I live I know what matters most of all more and more. I can see more clearly and although I have a long way before I feel strong enough to say I beat all the odds, I know I’m heading there. I wish it were a faster journey, but proud that I’m on the right track. As per an earlier post, the turtle won the race.

Mish mash of thoughts tonight. Just putting it out there.

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