Joan Rivers Bulimic? What a beautiful interview with her and Dr. Oz

I was amazed.  Joan Rivers at 74 saying she was bulimic 20 years ago.  That would make her 54.  And she said she loved it because it gave her control over something when joan-rivers-album-covereverything in her world seemed uncontrollable.  Wow.  How many can admit to that.  She also said she is no longer, but says she misses it.  I don’t.  I have to admit at 50 that working out and making sure I eat right is always something I think about, but lately it’s weird.  I ate a whole Big Mac the other day and it was okay.  I made fries last night and ate them and it was okay!  I have my odd cravings for “trigger” foods, but they don’t trigger anything anymore.  Sounds like Joan Rivers has come to this point too because her daughter said she puts whipping cream on everything and so too ketchup.  Is this freedom from the eating disorder?  I think it is.  I like the fact that I let myself even eat chocolate covered almonds again, but enjoy them rather than see them as a need to eat comfort and throw it up.  It’s a treat.  I can even eat just three and think… okay… enough.  I don’t feel like anymore. 🙂  Life is turning out to be quite fine.  I’m realizing that as long as I keep active, mentally and physically, and spiritually, all is good.  Do I have regrets for my past?  Not really.  At this point in my life I am just more concerned about uncertainties due to losing all material possessions and wondering at 50 where I’m going to go from here.  But when those feelings of uncertainty hit me, I think of happy thoughts.  Then I know that there are more of those to come.  So I started writing a movie script.  And it has to do with all the fun in life mixed with some strange things I went through.  No bulimia involved, just happy thoughts.  It’s my new food.  In the interim, I am 50 and need to learn to deal with the gravity that life is handing me.  I’m accepting it slowly but surely.  My only problem now is learning that my head is too small for my growing aging body.  But I’m sure in time, that too will be something I accept. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Joan Rivers Bulimic? What a beautiful interview with her and Dr. Oz

  1. Sounds like a lot of good healthy acceptance going on for you. And in your writing I’m hearing a balanced approach to the areas of your life, or keeping them in balance sounds like a source of the good place you are at.

    Interesting about Joan Rivers being bulimic in the past. I wonder how many others dealt with bulimia but weren’t able to acknowledge it. It’s really good to hear that people can get over it.

    This makes me think about the topic of eating disorders and menopause. I’m through menopause now. Looking back it’s easier to see when it was starting and the whole passage, than when in the midst of it. Some time I’ll write about that combination. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything about menopause and eating disorders. Have you?

    1. Interesting thought. I was amazed that Joan Rivers actually became bulimic during the time that would place her in the menopausal time. I actually quit during my pre-menopause. Not an easy thing to do, because as you know our bodies shift in a spiral downward and our metabolism slows down. But what it has done is built my self-esteem and I really do feel much better, and focussed. As far as balance, there are times where this becomes a challenge. I suppose mostly due to uncertainty of starting all over again at 50. But with the great support of my children and sisters and parents, this has become a gift I realized that I had so long not even realized. Sometimes the hardships in life bring out all the good that you never really understood was always there.

  2. This gives me so much hope. Thanks for sharing. Go Joan Rivers and go you!! I’m proud of you for moving forward 🙂 ! AHHH CONGRATS ON ALL THE PROGRESS! Stay strong and have a fabulous day!

    1. Thanks for both posts. I love the fact that so many people so far have related to my posts. I guess there comes a time when you feel comfortable with all the challenges life throws at you, and strong enough to know that you can do better than to drown in comfort and uneasiness combined, which is what bulimia is. You also learn that it’s not the body that people love around you – not the perfect body, might I say – but the heart that resides in it and so too the person. 🙂 I may be looking at sagging boobs, a bit of a mid-section expansion – but I know I’m not alone on this and it’s even fun sharing it with those who are at that stage in life. But one thing is for sure. You can still feel sexy and beautiful no matter what – and young as long as your heart stays young. 🙂

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