Bulimia and forgiveness and acceptance of others

I tried to figure out what to write today.  It’s been a world-wind of emotions.  Awesome fun, laughing, anger, tears, sorrow.  All in one day.  At one time in my life I used to eat

I would end it "Son, you must have inherited my talent!!" LOL  Please stick around!!
I would end it “Son, you must have inherited my talent!!” LOL Please stick around!

and throw up to each and everyone of the negative ones.  Anger, tears and sorrow.  Today I don’t need to.  But I will have to explain something that a recovered bulimic has to say.  I felt lost.  Lost without the desire to go to food for comfort.  Then I remembered what I had written here at one time.  Happy thoughts.  Now sometimes when going through these emotional roller coasters – which, by the way, are even worse when you hit your menopausal life!! – you realize you have to build on those happy thoughts.  So I do.  And as much as people say that technology and texting is something that is really not helping us in our relationships – in my case it does.  I send out a message “I love you” to my children or my father, and I get one back “Love you tons too mom”, or “I love you too” from dad, and often with a 🙂 at the end of the message.  I receive these almost immediately and my happy thoughts start to flow through my head.  That of which when I birthed my children, how happy I was with their father and how much I love them, how Daddy (yes he is still Daddy to me and my mother Mommy even at 50), was and is always there (here it’s the texting thing and Daddy is trying to teach Mommy how to use it too so I can send her messages too!… I LOVE IT)… and again.. almost immediate response.  And to me an immediate smile and feeling that I can’t explain.  A feeling that I really matter and that when someone brings tears, sorry or anger in my life, I know I can reach out and get love, a smile almost instantaneously…. through a text. 🙂  So I use technology to share my thoughts, or to reach out for a smile.  I believe this to be one of the most beautiful creations in life if used properly.

So reach out and touch someone if you feel the need to fill that void.  It really helps knowing you are never alone and that so many out there love you!!

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