Building up self-esteem means first

you must admit it is low.

This is your choice.

Building up self-esteem is a

matter of learning to believe in yourself,

your potential, your life.

This is your choice.

Building up your self-esteem means

looking at yourself in your own eyes

not others.

This is your choice.

Building up self-esteem means

setting realistic goals for yourself,

realistic demands,

and letting go of ultimate perfection.

This is your choice.

to choose the above is to choose to

build self-esteem and ultimately you


choosing life.

What better reward could one ask for?

This is your choice.

For someone who could write this at a young age of 24 and only head her own advice at 49, interesting.  Maybe we should be reading what we write everyday for those of you who write and are younger.  Obviously some words from our youth are wisdom for our future.

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