Poems from 1986 #1

I am tired of being treated like a child, a criminal, a mass, incompetent, undisciplined, under the parental rigidity of government… “I Am Tired Of”

There is a fear of matrimony, a cutting of the wings of freedom, a vulnerable path to pain, an ink blotted contract of love, a locking of one’s self to another by a binding chain … “There Is Fear”

I had a song, but no melody, I had a poem, but no ebb, I had a painting but no subject, I had talent, but it was never complete… “I Had”

In some of my worst nightmares I have been molded by society, refused self expression, forfeited part of my being, lost my identity and individuality under the rigid hand of parental guidance, government rule, and marital constraints.

In some of my best dreams I have commanded my own destiny, acquired self worth, attained self-acceptance, believed in and followed my dreams, developed a positive attitude and in standing up and stepping out, I have gained a reason for being and loving life… “Nightmares and Dreams”

I found these tonight while going through my writings during my Journalism course.  This book is my creative writing… I have several binders I still have from those years of my courses.  I found it interesting that the “best dreams” are the ones that followed my “worst nightmares”.  Was this my destiny that I wrote 23 years ago?


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