To all my friends out there, thank you for reading my posts, and I hope to have many more in the year to come.  It was another successful year for me, possibly the most wonderful year I have had in a long time.  I managed to get counseling and resolving many issues.  I might say that it would have been beneficial years ago, but time is always on my side, and it was right.  I completed my two programs, and tests, and am now registered for a Masters in Handwriting Analysis.  I am so excited and feel so great.  I started working out just before Christmas again and made it through with flying colors!  I even have to say that I didn’t even compare myself with my sisters at all, and can’t even tell you what they were wearing on Christmas Eve.  I know this sounds petty, but I have three sisters and grew up in a very competitive environment, intellectually, physically, etc.  Christmas Eve was fantastic, starting with my three children at my home alone with me for the first time in seven years. (all together).  Then off to my parents, and although it wasn’t a winter wonderland, it was truly magical.  I do feel that 2012 helped me in complete forgiveness, and even forgetfulness (in the good way), knowing how to love myself, and so now I know I will be able to love others totally and completely.

So to all of you out there, may 2013 bring much love, health and happiness!

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