Interesting Thought – Can Super Brain Help With Eating Disorders?

I was watching a show the other day with Dr. Rudolph Tanzi speaking about the Super Brain.  I was quite intrigued.  No, I am not sponsoring his work, so if you are interested, google it.  But it was amazing how he spoke about bringing the three parts of the brain together.  I did take some notes during his presentation (he co-authored his book withSuper Brain Deepak Chopra) and I liked the line “Cells that are wired together, fire together”.  He spoke to when you are angry to think of something that made you happy in life and the endorphins will kick in and change your attitude.  He spoke to “STOP” “S= Stop, T=Take three deep breathes and smile, O= Observe what is happening and P=Proceed with awareness and kindness.”  Very interesting.  The other lines I wrote down that made me think were when he was speaking about what you should do every day to change your mind set.  They were “What am I feeling right now?” and “Is that feeling good for me?” followed by thinking often of what is your meaning in life.

The book is called “Super Brain”.  Interesting concept.

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