This song by Garth Brooks has to be the most wonderful song I ever heard.  Other than his Maria for Christmas time.  Those two songs bring a tear to my eye each time.  The latter I will blog about around Christmas because it’s too early for that right now.  So dancing being my theme tonight, I’ll focus on his song “The Dance”.  I’ve only loved twice in my life other than my children and my animals.

Now what is weird is the love for the two men in my life were the bulimic triggers in my life.  Not my children, or my animals.  Wait, a third.  Trying to prove myself to them in business.

Yes.  Trying to prove myself.  Maybe even to my parents.  I hated that feeling.  Any feeling I HATE triggered the feeling of wanting to eat and yes, throw up the feeling.

I only wanted  them to dance with me.

My father taught me how to dance.  Really dance.  The type of dance that says you trust.  You hold the hand of the man you love and you let him lead.  The one time you want him to lead.  NO not you.  HIM.  His fingers tell you when to spin, when to turn, when to pull close, when to pull away.  Magically his fingers tell you.

It’s almost like meeting toe to toe like in the movie The Story of Us.

I’m here and there in this blog, but three things I know if you love someone:
Actions mean more than words

Touching toes when you have had an argument means everything will be okay

Dancing holding hands and knowing what those fingers and hand gestures are saying means you know

When anyone one, even one falls to the wayside it means something is wrong.  It’s up to one or the other to say help.  But even to that it may never help the problem… but even so.. there is always the song … The Dance

Because… I wouldn’t have changed a thing and I’m glad I didn’t know how the chips would fall both times… “I could have missed the pain, but I’d have had to miss the…. the dance”.

Because I wouldn’t have…. most likely… even given my heart out.

Not likely to again…. twice bitten now too shy.  But doesn’t mean I can’t love.  Just more so now my animals.  It’s safe now.
And my parents, sisters… safe zone.

But to my two loves, thanks for the memories.

And I still dance to a new tune 🙂

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