Funny thing.  I think my computer believes it’s older than I am.  It keeps closing down after I have written a long dissertation about my turning 50.  Suppose it gets tired and falls asleep and shuts off.  So to show respect I decided I would just add pics of my turning 50, proud of it, proud to be recovered from my eating disorder, doing what I WANT not what I am TOLD to do.  I think I’m really going to enjoy this next decade!!  As long as health stays with me. 🙂

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  1. Ahh…alas, I too am turning 50 this year and 2013 has been a year of being kicked while I’m down thus far. I keep being reminded that I’m as free as I want to be and stuff like that. I’m just going on faith at this point that if I keep getting up and brushing myself off, if I keep living in the “answers” instead of getting weighed down by the “problems” (and thus making them grow) that maybe, just maybe something good is coming down the pike. I’ve decided to dream big:

    Thanks for your post. BTW I too have a computer that freezes up before I’ve had a chance to “save” hmm, I wonder if that is a metaphor for something?

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