As I cannot lie to you.  Great show “Lie To Me”.  Latest one the best.  Lead character says he can’t see things clearly, and most of all those he loves the most.  Something like that.  My problem is I don’t see things clearly, but see too much from those I love the most.  See and feel their pain, their anger, their mistrust, the truth behind their eyes.  It’s been my demise and my reason for not wanting to be around those I love, or care for the most.  I seem to bring out the words and worst in them and they in me.  Truth hurts.  I’ve learned to live with it, but some others don’t know how.  They accuse you of what they have done, their own faults.  It’s in their eyes, their writing, their lifestyle.  Most people don’t see it or maybe more so hear it.  Or even care enough.  Those who do care enough take the brunt of those who hold onto something they can’t let go of.  Life is ever changing, ever becoming, ever complicated in the most simplest way.  Life is what it is.  You can embrace it, run away from it, or end it.  Ending doesn’t mean suicide, it means drowning inside yourself.  It means avoiding, paranoia, hiding, anger, grudges, denying life.  That is a life of suicide for the living.

Lie to me and tell me this isn’t true.  Tell me this isn’t the truth that hurts the most.  Lie to me.  I dare you.

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