The country man’s wife.

I love this just by it’s title alone.  Country Man’s Wife.  For me it would be different however.  Country Self’s Wife.  I am married to myself.  I like it that way.  I’m comfortable with this choice.  Two men I loved so dearly and betrayed me with having affairs and killing my heart.  So I know I won’t kill my heart with pain so I married myself.  To some out there this will sound as if I am insane… maybe I am … but to others they will understand.  To the Country Man’s Wife, thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.  I have some too.  Live on a farm where few know where I live.  I wake up in the morning to the most beautiful silence… not the deadly kind.  The heavenly kind.  I go out on a night like tonight and watch the clouds dance over the moon… not a soul in sight.  My like. 🙂  My happy. 🙂  My home.



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