I hate this.  I hate the thought albeit I have thought it.  But my worse nightmare came along when I had two friends who ended it.  He didn’t right away although they had it all rehearsed from a book they bought at Coles on how to commit suicide.  Ya.  NO JOKE!!  I wouldn’t have know this if it wasn’t for the fact that HE survived all the while holding his dying wife.  I watched the Arsenic and Old Lace and thought the taste of almonds sounded better than what these two did.  But what do I know.  Even watching Jody Foster… interesting first movie she did… so brilliant, like the other night in the other movie when she was 30 years older, but so still brilliant.  From “Little girl who…” to “contact...”  If there was anyone I would love to be if I could choose it would be Jody Foster.  Weird yet now at 49 I remember always wanting to be her.

To my B and A friends, you know what I mean.  Jody NEVER advocated thinness… she was always true to herself.  Throughout her life.  Her personality in movies reflected her true self.  I wish I had her gumshin … her will… her strength.  I wish I could meet her.  She is my hero.

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