0 thoughts on “My Friends Who Shared My 2012 New Year’s Eve

    1. LOL! i meant sally in the film! when harry met sally! isn’t that in the center of your picture collage?! pardon me if i sound like an idiot and don’t know what i’m talking about . . . or didn’t comprehend your response properly. πŸ˜‰ all of my friends are online, too, except for three. x

      1. I wish she was my friend!! lol but I do have her personality. On the side is big for me. I laughed when I watched it the first time. Takes me forever to order. LOL And my eldest son too!! but him it’s having to read through the whole menu!!

  1. It is amazing the wonderful people I know through my site though! If only online. Maybe some day we’ll all meet. Wouldn’t that be fun? Man I wish I won a lottery. That’s what I would do. Fly all my BA friends to one spot and we would have SO MUCH FUN that ED’s wouldn’t even be thought about. πŸ™‚

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