Jealousy, Relationships, First Wives Club and 12 Year Olds

Horoscope to me about this relationship that has been defunct since September when I found out he was doing a married woman 10 years younger than me at the same time as he was courting me!!  (We have had an on-off relationship for 7 years – he is the Othello Syndrome where it’s okay for him to mess around, but DOG FORBID I talk to someone… lol) :

“You know those rose-colored glasses you’re wearing? It’s time to take them off. The truth is, things have gotten pretty humdrum. And tedious. And tame. And you’ve got a sneaking suspicion that this relationship might be better off as a straight-up friendship. Now that you’ve made the realization, you both need to have a serious talk and get everything out in the open.”

Point #1 – humdrum.  YES.  All he does is drink whiskey, miss me, ask to come over or me go there, tries to get it off, I say no.  I ask when we can go bowling, skating, DO SOMETHING other than watching movies.  HUMDRUM!!

Point #2 – tedious… see #1

Point #3 – tame – mess with a married woman, ya… tame comes into play.

Point #4 – better as a straight-up friendship?  Ya.  I’ll be there for him when she doesn’t leave her husband and I will make him feel like poo for being with a married woman, and I will force him to go bowling, skating, play scrabble rather then drink whiskey and watch TV and sleep his life away. 🙂

Point #5 – HE IS THE OTHELLO.  As a friend at least I can run away from his jealousies that I have “sent to the wrong person” that he sent to his “little moon”.  The married one!!  I can get out of my pumpkin and live!  Without the accusations that I play back at him.

Problem with relationships like this one, or actually like most ( why I became an online PI when the first one was doing the online affair that ended up in a nice hotel room with her), is that you play games back.  See, I always win in finding out.  This “he” hates that like my ex who had affairs on me.  I always knew, always found out the details.  Women are good that way.  We have, in general, an instinctual ability to KNOW.  We’re NOT stupid.  But those that are are the ones that get the bastards in the end and take all the work you did to build their wealth.  They are the ones that fly around the world with the morons.  They are 12.  And as far as the “Don’t Get Even, Get Everything”, if I had had some friends to help me, maybe.  But reality is, they get it all.  Why?  Because most of us are too nice.  We don’t want a war.  We just want out.

Okay… got that out.  How are all of you tonight?  LOL

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