Dear Anderson Cooper… to your divorce and man-amony… I let go of my woman-amony just to find out??

After being divorced for almost ten years, I lost my business, after 60 resumes and who knows how many interviews, and selling everything I had left of value because my government wouldn’t help me because my rich ex husband put our children into private school, and it’s seen as “in kind support” I was left with one option only.  Go on the system to get on it long enough to go back to court for support from him.  ME a woman who let him off the hook for woman-amony can’t get off it because as far as our family law I am still “common law” attached to him because we had children together that HE chose to send to private school, which I appreciate, but it doesn’t put food on my table during my time of need, does it?  This man is not one you want to contend with, so my only right is to go through emotional turmoil again.  My four years going through the first divorce/settlement was hell enough on me and I still haven’t healed, I am on medication for severe anxiety.  I never healed, and my system is saying I have to go through this again???  There is more to this story, because this divorce involved family members and really hurt my children, however financially he was able to provide for them and I was thankful, but even if I chose for him not to have to financially support me, again I will say, our government won’t let me try to help myself without having to go up against this dragon again.  How fair is that???

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