Before I Move to Chapter 5 of Monrad Mansion I Need to Talk About Surrendering

Surrendering.   To life.  To those around you who expect you to be there… to stand up and grab their ropes.  The ropes that they know without you will tie them up, instead of down… but you hold the noose… so they are up there. and you choose.  Let go or hold on.

Problem #1 – You agree to this?  Where will it take you?

Problem #2 – Would you really let go?

Problem #3 – You love them for some demented reason

Problem #4 – You think about what he/she did to you


Problem #6 – Explaining your epiphany  to him/her.

Problem #7 – Then would you let him/her go?

ME?  no.  No life is worth letting them go.  Even if you can’t describe to them why you feel that way.

There was a saying I grew up with “be mean keep them keen” .  I prefer “love them a lot to delay the plot”.

But in your moment of hate and rage… you take their noose….  from them… and place it on your neck…

And they in response?  Who knows, what is the greater loss?

You the one who saved their soul by taking control?

Or them the ones you chose to die for them?

Unless they choose to take it back?

And leave that noose hanging alone

……. for both to know life is that….  WHAT YOU  TAKE YOU CAN GIVE BACK…. ??

But who will choose the final fate?  Or can by choice you can erase….

And start anew?  I believe this to be true.

……… and here your point of renewal…>

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