What Message Are We Sending Out To Our Children? Too Skinny Is Right? WRONG!

A die-hard Beach Body Coach (and admirer of Chalene Johnson who promotes health, not skinnyness) posted this picture on her Facebook.  I commented on how too skinny this “model” behind the words was and that I hope my daughter never sees this picture and gets the idea that being that thin is what is right.  My daughter is beautiful.  She’s 18 and weighs probably about 130 lbs at her 5’6″ of height.  She works out and has amazing muscles.  She is perfect.  SHE IS BEAUTIFUL.  I was not the greatest role model to her.  I told her I had been bulimic.  However that prompted her to do a project a couple of years ago about eating disorders.  It was a good example to her of what not to get into.  She was horrified by the potential death threat, as she is of my smoking.  I cannot stress how wrong we are to continue to put these images before our children…. before ourselves.  I watched Dr. Oz who had a group of women concerned about their bellies and suddenly I realized how cruel I was to my 49 year old body thinking it was hideous because it has remainders of my three children and lack of exercise.  Yet, in comparison to the over 100 women in the audience, I have nothing to complain about!!  Nothing other than I wish I had never become the victim of this media driven world of “thin is in”.  God bless the ads for the Fruit of The Loom underwear.  Finally embracing all body sizes.

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