New Year’s Resolutions — Rough Draft | holdingtheowl

New Year’s Resolutions — Rough Draft | holdingtheowl.

My response to this:  Dear HoldingTheOwl. I hope you reconsider. You are setting yourself up for failure with such stringent rules. I wish I could reach out and help you and hold you and tell you that if your boyfriend loves you the way you are that is where you start. You need to change your lifestyle, not put undo pressures. If you starve your body it will retaliate. If you ever want to connect personally with someone who fought bulimia for 30 years and now okay and able to deal with much without it, my email is I’d rather see you succeed reaching your goal of 135 lbs in the right way. With what you are talking about, you will only cannibalize your body. It will eat your muscle before your fat. And remember when you try to reach perfection you will never be whole. The hole will remain. Jane Fonda said something to that effect and she is right.

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