Bullimic Backwards Thoughts – Psych EEK

Okay… so I blew my volcano.   I seriously did NOT have issues with bullimiaddict issues.  It was emotional issues from not eating and purging my feelings.  And so through this interesting (step back) OMG (okay you can step forward again) issue I lost it.  I volcanoed (NO not bullimict) my emotions to…

…. you’re waiting…

the one who oh.. ya… the second one that told me I was hard to love.

So he was visiting.  Ya… that last one.  Not the one that caused the scar tattooed with the physical pain to remember him by.  The latest.

OH, you might ask.  No you wont.  But in case you want to hear the story…..  I should have been in a mental institute by this time somewhere in warm weather zone… Yes.  I lost it, the volcano erupted.

Yes.  To the final detriment of my life of love.  Damn… could have eaten the honesty and thrown it up.  Today, like the last many, I chose not to.

It’s not worth it.

However, I did give a great screen play.  And he bought it.  Gotta love a great massage.  No sex required when you cry.  Even real tears of pain, or fake, albeit mine were real, for some reason, (or treason) it becomes that sex is not expected.  So question?  Do men really need that control over love, pain, sex? (and some).  If the answer is yes, then it’s understandable why BullimiAddicts can and will rule.

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